10 Things That Make Me Happy!!

1. Having a productive day at work and managing time like a boss (the latter rarely happens)

2. Reading amazing books (obviously fiction; but am working on the nonfiction bit)

3. Cooking great food for family (I somehow end up talking about food every single time)

4. Getting that hour-long catch-up calls at weekends

5. Hyping my girls up: Because I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the right set of people in life, I’ve learnt to value and admire the hard-working kickass smart pretty women in my life. If you are a girl, you know what I mean.

6. Thanking the Lord for all she has done and given

7. Watching hilarious and interesting shows and chilling like a pro!

8. Pep talks to self (I now talk a lot to myself that my parents don’t even care even if they see me having a pretty deep conversation ALONE with myself)

9. Online shopping AKA adding stuff to cart, looking at the grand total, and deleting them later

10. Family time (I’ve not been doing this much. No one is too busy for family; I need to remember that)

Two Underhyped Shows I Watched and Absolutely Loved in 2021

1. Suits: The storyline of this show revolves around a big-shot lawyer working in the city’s most successful law firm. The cast members are amazing (and soooo good looking), and this drama series has an intellectual aspect to it. Rich people making loads of money, having huge fancy offices and doing some badass work! If you are bored of the cliche shows out there, love yourselves some SUITS.

2. Cobra Kai: If you need less drama in your shows, go for this. This is such a heart-warming show that has a 90’s vibe to it. Less complicated, funny, and light, Cobra Kai is a package in all aspects.

Let me know if you tried these shows and loved them!!!

If you find me lost in deep thoughts, I’m probably thinking about fooooooood🍛🍜

It has been more than a year since the pandemic started and I have been discovering what kind of cook I am during this time. I have been spending more time in the kitchen than ever during the past 1-1.5 years. And my love and appreciation for food have only grown more.

I’m the “I’m-the-best-host” Monica Geller-kinda person when it comes to cooking for others. In this journey, I have discovered that I love rice more than pasta and love dosas more than anything similar to pancakes. I have started appreciating the typical South Indian vegetarian foods more. I want the world to discover and try these delicious, carb-rich (you know it is going to be amazing when there are carbsssss on your plate) dishes.

It’s been a year since I started writing on WordPress and I’m most excited when I write and post about food!!!

I wish for the rest of my WordPress site journey to be a lot more about food and cooking!

Robert Langdon, Crypts, Mysteries, Art, Museums, Facts, History, Fiction, and All Things Dan Brown

From ancient history to artificial intelligence, he has got it all covered. I personally find descriptions of places and architecture in novels quite boring. But this is definitely not the case in Dan Brown’s books. Apart from being intrigued and entertained, I have learnt sooooooooo much from his books.

The elements in his books are so diverse and inclusive; he covers all aspects there could be for a particular theme. I am more into drama and comedy novels; so I never for once in my life thought I would be reading such novels and actually enjoying them.

My favorite are the ones with Robert Langdon. I seriously think this character is as crucial as the content of the book itself. Without further rambling about how fascinated and awestruck and thrilled I had been every time I read his books, I am going to go ahead and rank my favorite books from most favorite to least favorite (although it is unfair and cruel and rude and mean to use the phrase “least favorite”)

1. Angels and Demons: Well! The first Dan Brown book I ever read is definitely my most favorite book. Illuminati to Vatican City…loved every single aspect of it.

2. Origin: Who would have thought that history, architecture and artificial intelligence could merge in such a beautiful manner!! The way he ended the novel indicating how humans and AI could become one in the future is by far the best climax in the history of time and novels! No arguments there!

3. The Da Vinci Code: For many Dan Brown fans I know, this is his best work. To me, this novel has the second best climax, mainly because of the revelation of what the Holy Grail is.

4. The Lost Symbol: OMG! Soul, thoughts and noetic science. I thought of pursuing this as a career for as long as I was reading the book (that is a really long time for someone who kept thinking about different career options every single day).

5. Inferno: Honestly, I dont remember much of it except that this book was about a pathogen that could potentially kill humans in masses (if I am not wrong). I remember bits and pieces of it. I loved how he incorporated one of the biggest concerns of today’s world–overpopulation.

6. Deception Point: My favorite part of this book was about bioluminescene. Well, no surprise that he covered yet another greatest mystery of today’s world–extraterrestrial life.

7. Digital Fortress: I dont know why! I have tried reading this book twice..but I just couldn’t complete it. I have read half of this book both times. As for the portion I read, reading about the US NSA was amazing. The huge machine or whatever that is for decryption? Okay! I will stop. I couldn’t recall. Hopefully, someday I could read through this book completely and come up with better insights.

There is so much to Brown’s works than just the underlying theme and concept I have mentioned above. On a lighter note, I think people should stop making movies from his books. I mean, The Da Vinci Code movie, as well as Angels and Demons and Inferno, may be great for someone who hasn’t read his books. But as an ardent lover of his works, just mehhhhh!!

P.S: Did you notice what the first thing in the title of this article and my top 5 Dan Brown books have in common?

All Things Dan Brown😍

Priyanka Chopra Jonas: The Indian Actress Who Broke Innumerable Stereotypes

As a young woman from India, Tamilian to be specific, I have never been a big fan of movies or followed actresses’ personal life. Many Indian actresses have broken stereotypes, as they have to constantly survive and fight in a predominantly patriarchial business. But one actress who inspires me with everything she does is none other than Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The woman needs no introduction. She is, now, an international star and inspires women from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

The one actress who pops up in my mind whenever I hear the phrase “beauty with brains”– Man! SHE IS A REBEL. I have not seen all of her movies and shows. She is a great actress. But, she is definitely more than that. Being an intellectual, she addresses social issues from a very different perspective than that of other actresses. She is nearing her 40s and is definitely aging backwards in every single way. I am not here to go on about her achievements which everyone already knows. One of her big moments which will always stick with me is an interview she gave post winning Miss World 2000. She was reallyyy young at that time. But the intellectual and rebel in her had already grown into a big badass woman. That level of open-mindedness and maturity inspired me in a way I couldn’t explain.

There are millions of actresses out there in the world. But this woman, beauty with brains, will stay in my heart and mind forever.

Indo-Italian style mixed vegetable side dish

Goes well with your roti, dosa, and even toast

Ingredients: 1. Finely chopped garlic 2. Onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet corn kernels 3. Soya chunks (Yes to that protein) 4. Oil/butter 5. Pepper 6. Oregano 7. Salt 8. Indian red chilli (2 nos.)

1. PREP YOUR INGREDIENTS a. Cut your veggies and keep ’em ready b. Boil your corn kernels c. Prep your soya chunks: Add soya chunks to boiling water, and immediately turn off the heat. After 5 minutes, wash the soya chunks and squeeze out all the water. Now, they are ready

2. TIME TO COOK It is not going to take more than 15 minutes for cooking these amazing ingredients.

Add oil/butter to the pan; add garlic and Indian red chillies and saute them.

After a minute of sauteing, add onions, tomatoes, and capsicum in order, and cook them accordingly.

Add salt for the dish. Once tomatoes are nice and mushy, add the soya chunks.

Now add your oregano and pepper. Ooooo…smells divine.

Cook for 5 minutes, add water if necessary, and lastly, add the sweet corn kernels.

Now, your simple Indo-Italian protein-rich vegetable side dish is readyyy to be devoured. Tastes best with Indian dosas. Can be had on a toast as well.

Ten reasons why it is okay to not have kids

Why give in to cultural and social norms when you can be free and happy? If you are someone whose goal is to not have kids and lead a life of your own, you might want to look at the following 10 reasons that can motivate you to go ahead and pursue this goal.

  1. Breaking stereotypes like a boss!
    The compulsion to have children is so prevalent across the world that people are oblivious to the kind of stereotype this has become. We have been constantly taught that a normal human life is incomplete without kids. It is time people spoke more about not conforming to this stupidity.
  2. Time is money Let’s face it. Having children can be really time and energy consuming. Parents have to constantly juggle multiple tasks at the same time. From housework to catering to children’s needs and jobs, they have to manage it all. Imagine not having to do the regular parent things that would have otherwise drained the energy out of you. The time you save by not being a parent can be invested in other useful purposes that can help your career and financial status. Apparently, kids are not pocket-friendly and sometimes, only sometimes, not career-friendly.
  3. No commitments
    Regardless of money and efforts, having children is a huge commitment. Being a parent is more than just spending money and selecting schools for children. Parents are subject to constant pressure to bring up their kids with the right moral values.
  4. No anxiety
    Who checks on you the most when you go out on a fun trip? The answer is mostly Mom/Dad. Even the coolest of parents lose their cool at some point. This is mainly because they get so worked up about their kid’s safety and future. Needless to say, being a parent is a never-ending mental roller coaster ride.
  5. Your house is always always clean
    Kids = messy home. No one can deny this. No matter how many times you clean your house, kids always find reasons to mess it up.
  6. Fake preaching
    A small question! Do you spend hours fake-preaching at your kids for a small mistake, only to realize that you did exactly the same thing when you were a kid?
  7. Savings
    The moment kids are born, parents start saving up for their future. Imagine the amount of money you save by not paying for over 15 years of school and higher education. Maybe, you could go on a world tour way sooner than you think.
  8. Personal relationship
    Some couples who aren’t really happy in their relationship stay together only for the sake of their children. This might have a heavy toll on their mental health and happiness.
  9. Making a difference
    By not having kids, you are contributing more to society and the planet in general. ‘The more, the merrier’ applies only to parties. Apparently, for earth, it is ‘the more, the messier’. Fewer people imply less pollution.
    Also, you can make a difference by working on noble causes with the time and money you have saved by not having kids.
  10. Your dreams matter Parents stop dreaming about things that entail huge risks and commitments once they have kids. Their plans, dreams and even career sometimes revolve around those of their children.

Kids are amazing! But, your dreams matter too.